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Access Control
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Access Control Manchester Integrated access control
Manchester Access Control Tailored systems
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The natural progression from mechanical systems is to replace the mechanical key with an electronic token. This token can take the shape of a key, a card, a fob or can even be your own personal biometric information.

This is where electronic access control systems have an enormous advantage over mechanical systems where each token, fob or biometric signature is unique and can be programmed or traced throughout the system.

This means if an access control token is lost not only can it be removed from the system very easily, but if the token is used again it can raise an alarm.

Completely tailored to your industry
There are so many other possibilities that you can benefit from with our access control systems, including shift work, one-off visitor tokens, holidays and even cashless vending systems.
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Access Control manchester
Manchester Access Control
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Opening up the possibilities for our Access Control systems

It is possible to use the system to create reports for attendance or even to locate someone within a large building based on where they last used their token. For highly sensitive areas (such as hospital drug stores or police / military armament stores) we can configure the system to prevent access unless two authorised people are present.

  • We can tailor your new access control system to meet your exact needs

  • We provide an unrivalled installation and maintenance service

  • We supply all systems, from simple and easy to use, to PC based integrated access control
More about electronic access control

Access control technologies are advancing at a very rapid pace and can now even be a picture of the iris in your eye, the sound of your voice or more often than not your fingerprint. The control and management of systems is becoming much easier with well developed software that can operate over networks spanning (if necessary) the globe.

Your access control system can be integrated into other building management systems, meaning you can automatically adjust heating levels in empty rooms or buildings, switch lights on or off, and arm security systems. The system can monitor a single worker to provide a secure working environment or control access to car parks by reading your car's registration.

Access Control Manchester
Business Access Control
We can provide access control systems for a whole range of businesses to ensure your security
Manchester Access Control
Home Access Control
Our access control systems can go a long way to securing you and your family whilst at home
"The Oliver family have used Keyways for many trouble free years and we appreciate the advice and service we get from them enormously, particularly when it comes to crime prevention aspects"
  Oliver Valves Access Control Manchester
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