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Access Control Manchester

Manchester Access Control

Intercom systems allow communications between an entrance door and those inside the building.

On pressing the 'press for access' button on the intercom panel, handset(s) can ring inside the building, for example at the reception desk, and a two way conversation can take place.

Once the identity of the caller is confirmed, the door can be unlocked by pressing a button on the handset allowing the visitor entry.

These systems allow entrances to remain secure without impeding entry to visitors. They can be combined with a built in video camera to provide an image at the handset(s) to aid identification of the caller.

A keypad or proximity card reader can be incorporated into the intercom panel to allow staff free entry without needing to use the intercom.

Keyways provides a variety of intercom systems. Traditional systems have always used their own bespoke cabling, but more often than not we now connect the external door entry panel into the BT telephone infrastructure or on to the GSM network.

This has many advantages, especially for domestic properties in that calls can be answered on your existing house telephone network or if you are away diverted to your mobile phone.

Where it is difficult to install cable we can either use a wireless door intercom or a GSM door intercom. This provides a very neat and versatile installation.

Keyways can integrate these access control systems into your overall security system to make your security as easy as possible to control.

At Keyways, Altrincham we offer our specialist security services throughout the surrounding local area including, Manchester, Alderley Edge, Hale and Wilmslow. To see the whole area that we operate please see our areas covered page.

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