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Access Control Manchester - Alderley Edge - Altrincham.

Security ManchesterKeyless Home Entry

Many new homes are now being fitted with Keyless entry and used by the house builder as a selling point.

Access Control Manchester

Fingerprint Readers

The front door can be fitted with a fingerprint reader lock and provides easy and convenient access to family members without needing to remember to carry a key!

Keyways Security Systems can provide cost effective fingerprint door locks for your existing home - please feel free to ask for a demonstration at our Hale showroom.

Intercom Systems

Commonly used for blocks of flats, intercom systems are an easy solution to restricting access to communal areas. Although this may be its primary use, as intercom systems have evolved, so have their uses. Intelligent systems now play a vital part in both high-end commercial and domestic access control, allowing the users to interact and send signals to other integrated security systems without a moments hassle.

The majority of these new uses begin life as part of a integrated security system. CCTV cameras and burglar alarms can now easily be signalled by a intercom systems to ensure added security and alert others if need be.

Want to learn more?

Visit our commercial access control section to learn more about the intelligent systems we can provide. Or, simply contact our experienced security team today and we will be happy to discuss your access control needs.

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Manchester Access Control


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