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When things go wrong, it is nice to know that there is someone available to make things right again. If your car suddenly stops miles from anywhere, there are breakdown services who will be there in a flash. If your computer develops a fault, then there are support services who can sort it out.

When your burglar alarm doesn't work the way it should, then it can be very worrying. If it won't arm when you tell it to then it isn't doing its job. If it won't disarm when you tell it, then the problem is much worse as you're likely to end up with some very annoyed neighbours, especially if it happens during the night.

We take care of our customers and you will receive support from our experts from the moment you call. If you have a problem with your alarm, call us and you will put through to one of our expert fault finders. Every alarm system is unique, but we can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem, we can even fix a fair number of them remotely - putting you back in control immediately.

Of course, sometimes an engineer has to come out and physically correct the fault at your home, but this doesn't mean waiting until they get around to it, you can be sure that we will have an engineer with you promptly.

When we install your alarm system, we will leave you with a manual which will explain how to correctly use the alarm control panel, it will also include contact details for you to get in touch with us. Every alarm we install is selected and set up to specifically fit the needs of the individual customer, so no two systems are the same. We do keep records (in a very secure place) of all installations we make to ensure that we can correctly diagnose problems that may occur.

Because we supply so many different alarm control panels and they can be configured in different ways, a full list of troubleshooting procedures would take so long to search through that you would find it difficult to find your exact system. Instead, here are some common, general problems and their most common solutions.

Manchester Alarm Installers     Manchester Alarm Installers

Keyways provide everything you need for a complete home security system, if you're looking for a quote or security survey, or just more information on our products contact one of our advisers and they will be more than happy to help.

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