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Burglar Alarm Maintenance Manchester- Altrincham - Alderley Edge

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Burglar Alarm Maintenance Maintenance Manchester

Altrincham CCTV installers

Altrincham CCTV installers

It is important to have regular burglar alarm maintenance, inspection an servicing is carried out on your security systems.

It is vital that the security system is working correctly at all times as if the worst was to happen, and a break in occurred and your burglar alarm was found to be broken, your insurance could be made invalid. The best way to ensure that the burglar alarm is in working order is to carry out simple checks on the device on a regular basis and then have a professional check it thoroughly for you annually.

The batteries in a burglar alarm, which allow the alarm to run independently from the main electric, will need replacing about once every 3-4 years.

It is thought best to have a regular maintenance plan in place, as some insurance companies will need to see alarm maintenance records to show that the burglar alarms has been checked by an approved company.

At Keyways, Altrincham we are NASIC approved and are able to carry out maintenance on burglar alarms.

We offer our burglar alarm maintenance services for clients in the Manchester, Alderley Edge and Altrincham area. For a full list of the areas we work, click here.
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