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Burglar Alarms Manchester

A wireless alarm system offers a range of benefits over traditional wired systems.

Wireless alarms are quicker to install, meaning that an entire small to medium system can be installed within a day and cause the minimum of disruption to a business. The fact that the detectors require no cabling to communicate with the central control panel means that they can be placed anywhere. Running on Li-Ion batteries gives them even greater flexibility and the reliability of operating during power failures. There is no need to worry about excessive costs in replacing the batteries, the Lithium based batteries are good for two years operation and the fact that battery technology has developed so much in the last ten years (thanks to the proliferation of laptops) means that replacement batteries can be bought in the local hardware shop or supermarket.

As well as ease of installation, the wireless intruder alarm system doesn't leave a lot of exposed wires needing to be decorated over. This reduces the disruption even further, a real benefit for a business where time is money. As wires are made obsolete, there is the benefit being able to install over a much larger area with little or no additional complication or cost. With repeaters and relays a wireless alarm system can be extended over a huge property, even to cover several different buildings within the same area. Wireless connectors can be added to existing intruder alarm detectors allowing them to the combined into the wireless system.

Wireless intruder alarm systems not only offer state of the art PIR detectors and receivers, but Keyways offer the full range of Texecom wireless alarm products, compatible with the rest of the Texecom security alarm products range and includes wireless magnetic contacts perfect for doors and windows. Detect intruders before they enter your property.

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