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An important aspect of digital technology that has revolutionized the CCTV industry, other than the reduction in cost, is the versatility of the image we now have.

Starting with the camera, we can now amplify light levels whilst reducing noise to provide clearer pictures in lower light levels. We can also compensate for bright areas within a picture that would traditionally have "whited" out a picture and not allowed the recording of car number plates whilst the car headlamps were on.

Once we have our digital image from the camera we can do a lot with it. The digital image can be compressed so that the amount of information we can transmit down a telephone line or store on a computer can be dramatically increased.

For storage the three main variables are; amount of information in a picture (file size), amount of pictures taken per second (frame number) and the amount of recording medium available (disk size). It is important to receive the correct advice to ensure you record a picture of sufficient quality with enough history to trace back past events.

The digital image is so versatile that we do not need a dedicated network for CCTV systems anymore. We can give the camera its own IP address and sit it on a computer network so that we can hold a buffer memory at the camera whilst transmitting a limited amount of information over your network so as not to clog up your system. High quality recordings can then be accessed from the camera as they are required.

Integrated Systems

Once you have the correct information we can do all sorts with it. If you run a bar and have a suitable electronic till we can interface the recording to overlay what was rung into the till to prevent what is termed "seepage". For health and safety or manufacturing process control we can program a camera to move automatically to a preset position to record when an area is used or a machine switched on.

This is immensely valuable in preventing false insurance claims and for the efficient supervision of process control. We can integrate with your alarm system so that if a key holder accesses a building when you do not want them to do we can email you the pictures or send them to your smart phone so that you are always kept informed. For clients with retail outlets we can provide software that can provide information on customer numbers.

The important aspect of integrating systems is that we can provide very specific information without the need to review hours of recording or constantly watching live CCTV monitors.

It is more of a question of you telling us what the problem is and we will design the solution for you.

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