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CCTV Altrincham Monitored CCTV Systems
CCTV Altrincham

Traditionally the main criticism with camera systems was that they would only provide a dreadful picture of a crime that has already happened. What is more you might have had to go through hours of video tape to find the event in the first place.

This is no longer the case. Emphasis these days is to prevent the crime and in many cases intruders or vandals can be picked up by detection equipment prior to a break-in or theft. The system will alert operators in an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) so that they can call in mobile patrols or the police.

CCTV Altrincham

The operator can also use a public address system to warn them off. We can even get the operator to remotely escort the key holder of the property on and off the premises. We can also give our clients access to the equipment so that they can view live pictures or recordings from their computer anywhere in the world that has a suitable internet connection.

For many customers who do not require the services of the Alarm Receiving Centre but do have a number of properties or homes we can provide inexpensive systems that will record events on site and inform our clients of any alarm activations. Also, as a key holder to a property, you may well decide to view the premises you are going to from your home broadband connection before you set off.

CCTV Installer Altrincham Full monitoring service for both commercial and domestic properties
CCTV Installer Altrincham Expandable, intelligent monitoring software for in-house surveillance monitoring
CCTV Installer Altrincham 'On the go' live streaming to view CCTV feeds on your laptop or smartphone
CCTV Installer Altrincham Tailored monitoring designed to your exact needs and specification
CCTV Altrincham
We can provide intelligent, tailored monitoring services for large business that are integrated into existing systems, suited to your direct needs.
CCTV Installers Altrincham
On the go or at home, you can still use our software to view CCTV feeds from your business premises, keeping you in full contact with goings on and security alerts.

CCTV Remote Monitoring Announcement - November 2011
We have now announced our exclusive arrangement with Corps Security that will see us connect all our customers’ CCTV to the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC).

This landmark agreement between the two industry leaders is driven by the shared commitment to offering the best quality security service to high-end clients. As a result, we are currently transferring all our existing customers’ remote CCTV monitoring to the Glasgow based CMC. [Learn more about Corps Security]
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