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Keys to Code
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Keys to code Manchester Cabinet keys to code
Locksmiths Altrincham Automotive keys
Many people do not realise that they can obtain standard filing cabinet and low security keys by providing just the key or lock reference. Generally all that we need is the reference that is on the bow of the key (the bow is the part of the key that goes on the key ring) or the front of the lock where the key goes in.

If you are in doubt you can always send us a picture of the key or the lock and we can advise you from there. We can cut most automotive keys from a code, although many manufacturers are now incorporating transponders within the key which often means that duplicates can only be obtained from the manufacturer's dealership.
All we need is the
key reference!
In many cases, each key has a reference code printed on either the bow of the key (where the key goes on the key ring) or on the lock itself. Note this down and we'll be able to replace it in no time.
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