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Commercial grade intruder alarms are generally more complex than their domestic cousins. The reasons for this are two fold:

  • A commercial premises, be it an office, shop, factory, or farm is likely have much richer pickings for a thief, making it a far more attractive target.
  • A home is often far easier to secure than a commercial property, farms and industrial premises tend to be far, far larger and spread across multiple buildings, while shops often have large windows which are quite inviting.

Keeping the intruders out is something that many businesses consider to be a tiresome requirement of insurance companies, but it only takes one break-in to quickly change your mind. With business records now being commonly stored on computers that a prime target for thieves. Statistics show the depressing truth that most companies that suffer a break in that involves them losing their records go out of business as a result.

While no alarm system can be 100% successful in preventing break-ins, the truth is that they are still the most cost effective means of reducing your chances of becoming a victim. They also improve the chances of any thief being caught and your property recovered.

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