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A master key system is the traditional answer to the problem of controlling access through a number of doors.

Originally, master keying was a formal arrangement of levels of key that provide an individual key per lock known as a differ key, then a sub master key that would open several locks, then a master key that would open all the locks that a number of sub master keys would open and then finally a grand master key that would open every lock in the system.

This formal arrangement of keying was a result of a limited number of possible key combinations and was based on the pin tumbler mechanism that is used in a standard front door Yale lock.

The advent of other locking mechanisms like the Abloy disc lock and the Assa side bar system allowed the number of possible combinations to rise from a few thousand to many million, which allowed a new form of master keying known as key planning. This allows the client to match a job description with a key.

The advantage of a master key system over the electronic access systems is that a master key system can incorporate heavy duty padlocks, specialist mortice locks as well as furniture and cam locks.

Keyways provide master key systems for a wide variety of clients, such as utility companies, commercial and residential property management agents, schools and housing associations.

We provide master keyed cam locks to the amusement and arcade trade for slot machines. We even provide high security systems for airports and power stations.

Many of our systems are in environmentally unfriendly places like the back of containers or on oil platforms in the North Sea and we have the expertise to specify the correct locking system for our clients.

One aspect that must be considered when you buy a master key system is the security of the key, as the whole system can be compromised if a master key is illegally duplicated. We provide non protected sections that we use on houses to suite all the locks alike for the convenience of the householder.

We can however also provide patented key sections that are not only legally protected by the manufacturer but are also so intricate to machine that they are virtually impossible to copy without the correct equipment.

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