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Terrace houses are generally in the lower bracket of house pricing and it can therefore be assumed that generally the content and personal possessions risk is low. The likely break-in will be an opportunist theft directed at an empty house. It is worth considering vulnerable or high risk occupants as a separate issue with regard to the protection against deceit or aggravated theft.

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The Challenges

The nature of a terrace house is that the front elevation is generally very overlooked both from other houses and from the street. Baring in mind that the most important thing to a thief carrying out a theft is not to be caught, it is therefore essential to him that he is not observed and that he can access the property without drawing attention to himself. This means that if the usual Yale night latch is supplemented with a Chubb deadlock or replaced with a NASIC multipoint locking system it would remove the possibility of quickly forcing the door to gain easy access. If the thief has to make a lot of noise breaking down the door then he is going to try an easier house or try around the back.

The Keyways Solution

Most burglaries are through a rear door or window. For a terrace house it is important to secure gates and access points to prevent a thief easily accessing the back of the house. Usually with a terrace house there is a small enclosed yard which once breached by the thief will shelter him from overlooking windows and muffle the sounds of a break in. It is important that the external kitchen door is once again fitted with good deadlocks and that the windows (including the front ground floor ones and any accessible first floor windows) have a suitable window lock. Even if the thief gains access to the yard he may well be deterred by the correct locks because it will not be easy to access the house without having to break down doors or windows. This not only increases the amount of sound made but also means that there is a greater risk to the thief of leaving a DNA trace. It is a foolish thief who would break in over broken glass and risk leaving a blood specimen. The likelihood is that this will not be the thief's first crime or conviction in which case any DNA trace will link his personal details to the crime and provide the police with a simple conviction.

Visual deterrent cannot be under estimated when it comes to domestic security. In addition to the physical security the visual presence of a new style alarm bell box from an NSI Gold alarm company can be enough on its own to dissuade the thief from committing the crime and move him on elsewhere. An old or obviously cheap or decoy bell is not a deterrent and in many cases will lead the thief to believe the alarm is not operational or does not exist. This may lead to the house being selected for the break in. A good NSI Gold alarm will deter the thief because he knows that the likelihood is that the moment he breaks into the house his presence will be detected and that the alarm will go off increasing his chances of being caught. On basic domestic alarms that do not have remote signalling it is important to at least have an internal sounder and an external self activating bell. A self activating bell is one where it has its own battery so that in the event of a determined thief attacking the control panel the sounder will still continue to operate independently.

It has to be accepted that upgrading your own security is unlikely to reduce crime rates in your area but importantly for you it will massively reduce the risk to your property.

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